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Improve Profitability

Get insight into your billing and claims lifecycle, ensure you’re capturing all your revenue.

Increase Productivity

Identify inefficiencies, correct chronic points of error and unnecessary administrative rework.

Stay Ahead of the Industry

Easily adapt to changing standards and requirements like value-based care and shared-risk models.

About Accur8 Software

Accur8 Software provides the healthcare industry with practical, innovative data analytics and integration solutions to address many of the important business problems that impact healthcare providers and payers today.  Our mission is to create analytics and data integration enablers that allow healthcare companies to provide the best patient experience, achieve profitable growth and prosper in an increasingly complicated and competitive environment.

Our technology, tools and expertise uniquely combine to help healthcare companies solve the business and patient care problems created by having their billing, operational and clinical applications and data repositories fragmented across their organization.  Without impacting precious internal IT resources Accur8 unifies data across the organization to provide analytics and dashboards that tell the full story of performance, highlight areas of concern, and enable better-informed decision-making.

What's New

Integrating Healthcare Software Systems: An Imperative

June 18, 2018 - by:

Real Time Integration – A Business Imperative

March 5, 2018 - by:
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