Global Remote Sensor & Monitoring

Global Remote Sensor & Monitoring

Discover how a Fortune 150 company used Accur8 to dramatically improve the performance of a complex product.

The Problem

A Fortune 150 company was selling an integrated software/hardware solution that provided remote monitoring through a large network of sensors to government agencies around the world. The availability and performance of the system was suboptimal. Equally important, the system was very expensive to maintain due to the significant technological challenges of integrating software with hardware from multiple vendors as well as the large streams of data generated, all of which needed monitoring and analysis in real time. The existing software was tightly coupled to the hardware and would require a technician onsite to do any diagnostic work. The company needed to improve the system’s performance, supportability, and cost as quickly as possible.

Accur8's Solution

Accur8 began by building a high performance message bus. Each sensor now communicated via well defined messages over the message bus, thus decoupling the data from the hardware. Each sensor in the network could now be easily added or removed without compromising the system's integrity.


We developed software to allow for system recording, trace logging and replay. This meant that all activity over the message bus was now recorded. If a sensor or software process malfunctioned, all of the data could be replayed remotely to diagnose and resolve the problem. This greatly reduced site visits and increased system integrity.


We used our toolset to build a State of Health system that would monitor the sensors and software processes and send alerts if system integrity was compromised.


We built a virtual data layer that provided access to all of the data collected from the sensors and software processes on the network. This allowed users to easily integrate data from the IoT system with other data in their organization.


Accur8 Insight was used to build a comprehensive reporting/analytics package with true real time dashboards and self-serve reporting. Operators and management now had deeper insight into the performance of the monitoring systems.

  • Dramatically improved system integrity
  • Significant cost savings
  • Greatly increased agility and flexibility
  • Much greater customer satisfaction

  • High performance universal message bus
  • Ability to add/remove assets without compromising integrity
  • Sophisticated State of Health System with alerts
  • Full Recording, trace logging and replay system
  • Comprehensive, self serve reporting and analytics
  • Via data virtualization, collected data easily integrates with other enterprise data