Reporting & Analytics Application

Reporting & Analytics


A large medical billing company grew through acquisition. It now had 3,000 health care service providers as customers and serviced medical records for 14 million Americans. It had five legacy billing systems and 3,000 databases. They analyzed and managed their business from 6,000 custom reports. Five full time IT staff were in place to manage and modify existing reports and build new ones. They tried two leading off the shelf software solutions for reporting and analytics. Neither solution had the depth or flexibility to handle the complexities of their backend systems. They turned to Accur8 Software for a customized solution.

Accur8's Solution

Accur8 first built a virtual data layer for the company. All of the data from the 3,000 databases now appeared as a unified queryable virtual database. This minimized back end systems issues greatly and reduced the amount of ETL, data replication and data warehousing they needed to perform.


Accur8 used the reporting and analytics component of its toolset to create 25 template reports that were easy to reconfigure and modify. Each of its 250+ end-users reconfigured the templates to their individual needs effectively replacing the 6,000 previous reports.


Our application empowered users with all of the features of a high performance reporting and analytics package (see features below).


The IT staff required to service the needs of its reporting and analytics team was reduced from five staff to one with the four redundant developers deployed to other projects.


New insight into its customers and operations became possible because reports analyzing the relationships between previously siloed data were now able to be produced quickly with minimal effort.

  • Superior reporting and analytic capabilities
  • Dramatic cost savings
  • Ease and speed of building reports greatly increased usage and productivity
  • Self-serve model improves agility and reduces involvement from IT
  • Unified data model provides consistency across the enterprise
  • Build the reports you need rather than buying a pre-canned tool that comes with reports you may never need

  • Superior drill down capabilities with comparison queries (“This Month” vs “Last Month”)
  • Customizable Views (Data table, charts, graphs, dashboards)
  • Easy to modify (add/remove fields, change filters, duplicate a view for comparison to original)
  • Natural language filters improve ease of use “today” “yesterday,” “last week”
  • Designed to capture the power of collaboration
  • HTML 5 browser-based (no other software needed)
  • Discovery/Alert system – email and system alerts based on pre-defined targets and KPIs
  • Mobile platform so users have access to the tool at all times
  • Comprehensive auditing capabilities (Logs all user activity, page views, exports, queries, subscriptions)
  • Exposed as BI Cube