Data Unification: The Practical Solution to Application and Data Integration

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Competition in business is stronger than ever.  In the pursuit of high levels of customer service and operational efficiency, companies are driven to purchase more and more software applications to support their efforts.  While each new application usually makes sense in isolation– each is solving a specific need—this approach runs into serious trouble when considered as a component of the company’s overall business systems environment.  As the number of applications a company operates proliferates, its application environment grows more complex and its data gets more fragmented and dispersed.

This is not surprising because rarely—if ever—do standalone applications naturally (or even easily) integrate with one another.  Each application has its own underlying database with its unique data structure, security model, etc. that collectively make it difficult to integrate with other applications.  To complicate things further, as companies add more cloud-based applications to their mix, those too must need to be integrated with existing on-premise applications.  Taken as a whole, this leads to several important problems for companies including:

Warning-yellow Fragmented business processesdata from across the company is not readily accessible to important systems or their users.
Warning-yellow Wasted IT staff time and moneydealing with the never-ending cycle of trying to integrate and share data across the organization.
Warning-yellow Unwieldy data managementwithout a holistic or single view of underlying data, data inconsistencies negatively impact customer engagement and operations.
Warning-yellow Missed business opportunitiesdue to fragmented data, which prevents the full value of a company’s data to be leveraged.
Warning-yellow Time consuming, overly complex and expensive app developmentowing to the difficulty in integrating required data from existing applications.


Traditionally companies have tried to solve this issue of fragmented applications and data with custom hand coding and/or data warehouses.  While these approaches can work, they are time consuming to implement, take considerable ongoing maintenance, and can be very fragile.  As application environments grow in complexity, many companies of all sizes are finding that these approaches are reaching their limits.  The time and resource involved setting up—and especially maintaining– complex integrations between applications and data repositories offsets much of the benefits of integration.

There is an emerging class of integration companies on the market designed to solve this problem from a holistic, modern, technological approach.  The key feature they share is the ability to bring together a composite solution that aggregates what are typically many point solutions.  In this way data can be integrated, transformed and delivered to the users and systems required in one integration environment which promotes ease of use and efficiency.  Differences between their specific approaches present plusses and minuses for a business, and range from initial costs, ease of implementation, richness of feature set, scalability and total cost of ownership.


The Accur8 Integration Engine is a data unification tool designed to help companies solve the multiple problems created by having a complex application environment.  It provides a flexible, agile and maintainable way to unify data across processes and applications.  This means being able to integrate applications together whether they are in-cloud, on-premise or physically dispersed.  Our tooling enables cost effective and scalable data unification across multiple applications:

app-integration-3 Application Integration Offers a wide variety of integration patterns to synchronize or transform data between multiple applications at row or table level on a real time, event driven or scheduled basis.
data-3 Data Integration Provides unified access and a comprehensive view of all the data residing in a company’s applications and data repositories for easy consumption by users and systems.
master-3 Master Data Management Enables a holistic view of your company’s data across multiple data sources including tools that enable data to be compared and modified for housekeeping, cleansing, or de-duplication purposes.
operationel1-3 Reporting and Analytics Provides comprehensive reporting and analytical capabilities of the applications and data it is integrated with.

A company can integrate a few or all of their applications with the Accur8 Integration Engine.  This means you can start by integrating a small footprint of applications and expand as needed.


blue-star Make all your data available, securely, for all users and systems whenever, wherever needed.
blue-star Greatly improve the productivity of your IT staff by streamlining integration and data extraction tasks.
blue-star Enhance your existing reporting systems with access to a wider array of data from across your organization.
blue-star Extract more business value from your applications by having them work together.
blue-star Extend the life of your legacy applications.


blue-star Superior data and application integration, without hand coding or the care and feeding of a data warehouse.
blue-star Reduced maintenance and modification expense due to automated processes.
blue-star A wide variety of integration patterns to transform or synchronize data between applications at row or table level including real time.
blue-star Effortless push, aggregation or transforming of data between your applications and data repositories for consumption by user and systems as needed.
blue-star Better data management with a single view, easy access and control.
blue-star Easy flow and load management of data between applications to optimize performance.
blue-star Role-relevant, customizable tooling so each user gets the information they need to be productive in a secure environment.

The following diagram provides a summary depiction of how the Accur8 Integration Engine works.



The paradox companies face is that the more applications they purchase to become data-driven, the more difficult being data-driven becomes because their application environment gets ever more fragmented and unwieldy to manage.  However, by unifying their data with Accur8’s Integration Engine businesses are empowered with a tool to tackle this challenge.  Core features such as application integration, data integration, data management, master data management, and reporting enable a company to unify its data and realize the multiple benefits both to their business and its IT department from doing so.  The Accur8 Integration Engine delivers great value, can transform a company’s IT capabilities and should be considered by any business struggling to overcome their data integration issues.

Accur8 Software

Accur8 Software is a leading data unification company, focused on high performance, scalable and accessibly priced integration technology and tools.  We recognize that companies’ application environments are growing in complexity as they deploy more and more software applications to drive their businesses forward.  This complexity hampers business performance because valuable data from across the company is not readily available to business users or systems.  It forces IT staff to waste significant time and money dealing with the never-ending cycle of trying to integrate and share needed data across the organization.

The Accur8 Integration Engine is a data unification tool designe d to help companies address the issue of complex application environments.  It provides a flexible, agile way to unify data across processes and applications without coding.  This means being able to integrate data and applications together whether they are in-cloud, on-premise or separated by geographical distance.  It allows companies to access data and have it flow across the organization to users and systems as needed.  Its capabilities include data integration, application integration, master data management, and reporting and analytics.  It can be deployed as a point solution to integrate data between two applications or as a tool to unify all of a company’s data and applications.

We have customers ranging from growth stage to Fortune 150.

Accur8 Software is one of CIO Review’s Top 20 Most Promising Data Integration Providers for 2017.