Data Virtualization

A Magic Toolset
for Developers

All of the headaches and work of integrating applications with back end systems and data disappear like magic with our toolset, Integr8, which harnesses the power of data virtualization.

Use Integr8 to quickly and easily create a virtual data layer for applications that provides instant access to all of the data sources needed to drive your application—no matter how complex.
The many benefits of data virtualization include:
  • Faster and less expensive application development
  • An agile/flexible development environment
  • No need to replicate or move data from its source
  • Massive productivity improvements for front end developers
  • Significantly reduced need for back end developer resources to build an application
  • Simple integration of additional data sources
  • Dramatic improvements in on-time and on-budget application development.


Our toolset, Integr8, includes essential components that every application needs but are not always easy to integrate. This greatly streamlines the process of getting your application production ready. Each component is easily configurable to your application’s needs.

These components include:

  • Security
  • Auditing
  • Self Serve Analytics and Reporting
  • Application Performance Monitoring

Our toolset, Interg8 is highly configurable, and integrates smoothly with existing front end development approaches and tooling.

Developing new data driven applications? Integr8 will give you unprecedented power and control to create, deploy and maintain your applications.

Struggling to integrate multiple legacy, cross-platform data sources in order to support your business’s needs? Our toolset takes the pain away—like magic!

"Our powerful toolset enables a developer to build applications on time and on budget"

- Glen Marchesani
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