Features & Benefits


The Accur8 Integration Engine is designed to help your company unify its data so it can flow smoothly and be useable across your business. Even the most experienced IT team struggles with the problems and workload of integrating their company’s applications and data. The high level graphic below illustrates how the Accur8 Integration Engine works.

The following explains how the Accur8 Integration Engine provides your company with the data unification tools you need to be productive:
Data integration

Data integration enables unified access and a comprehensive view of the data residing in a company’s applications and data repositories for consumption by users and systems. The Accur8 Integration Engine creates this integrated access  and view using data virtualization technology.

Application integration

Application integration enables source data to be exchanged or transformed between applications in real time. To support the “continual awareness” of how the applications interrelate and share data, the Accur8 Integration Engine employs data virtualization technology.

Master Data Management

The Accur8 Integration Engine provides a powerful, holistic approach to master data management through its combined data and application integration capabilities. Data integration provides the composite view of master data such as customer, product, employee, and vendor data that acts as the gold standard for the underlying databases.

Reporting & analytics

The Accur8 Itntegration Engine provides comprehensive reporting capabilities of the applications and data it integrates. It provides the following benefits.


Data unification across even a handful of applications and data repositories is deeply complex. For even mid-sized businesses there can be a dozen or more that should be tied together, but cost and the immense work effort to perform the integration and support it stops any effort in its tracks. The Accur8 Integration Engine simplifies the work needed to make your entire wealth of data accessible to your company and its IT staff. Our data and application integration, master data management and operational analytics capabilities provide a broad feature set to enable the smooth flow and consumption of data within your organization. This will transform your company’s IT capabilities while saving significant time and money.