Accur8’s unique platform combines the power of an Analytics Engine with an Integration Engine.  Disparate data inside a healthcare organization flows unencumbered to our Analytics Engine which generates the custom analytics, reports and dashboards for deep insight and more effective management.


Data virtualization is an emerging technology that abstracts data from disparate sources (such as applications and data repositories) creating a virtual data layer that provides a unified view and easy access to underlying source data.  The following illustration gives a high level understanding of data virtualization.


The Accur8 Analytics Engine draws data from across the organization via the virtual data layer for fully customizable dashboards and comprehensive, deep drilldown analytics and reports.  Designed to give you the views you need to run your organization more effectively, our Analytics Engine is easy to use and requires little-to-no IT support.


The diagram below describes how the Accur8 Integration Engine uses data virtualization for data and application integration.  The first step is to model each of the underlying data sources to a metadata repository.  This includes the schema, location of tables, type of joins, security and other key bits of information for each data source.  The resultant metadata repository contains a detailed map on how to locate all the underlying data in each database.  To access the data a user (which can be a person or a software program) directly queries the virtual data layer.

From here, the request is automatically processed by the Accur8 Integration Engine that augments it with pertinent information pulled from the metadata repository in real time.  This, in turn, creates a transformed query that can retrieve and stitch together data from multiple data sources back into a single result set, thereby providing a unified view of, and access to, the underlying data for other applications and users to consume.  The Accur8 Integration Engine handles all of the typical back-end issues such as security, business logic, auditing, monitoring, etc. that typically make integrating disparate data overwhelmingly complex and expensive.  It also provides the ability to create, update or delete information in the underlying data sources in real time.  In other words, Data Virtualization enables a a healthcare organization to unify and use all of its data, regardless of data source or format, without building out complex data warehouses, or managing expensive infrastructure.

Master Data Management

The cornerstone of master data management is built upon having a central repository of master data such as patient, payer, caregiver and materials data that acts as the gold standard for your underlying databases and represents the “single source of truth” for all applications and users.  This model enables good governance and more secure control of your company’s data.  With the Accur8 Integration Engine the virtual data layer becomes that single source. By providing users both data integration and application integration capabilities it provides a company a wide range of options to manage its data across all of its applications.


Accur8 Software transforms the capabilities of your healthcare organization by enabling easy access and the smooth flow of data across applications to support business, operational and clinical uses.  The Accur8 Integration Engine brings together valuable, siloed data and our Analytics Engine provides the insights you need with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities.  Collectively they provide a unified approach to handling and managing a health system’s data, while creating significant savings in both time and resource.