Why us

Why us

Most healthcare organizations are not getting the unified views of their data they need to be successful because their analytics capabilities are specific to each software application they operate.  As a result they are missing the deep insights that drive revenue, productivity and profitability growth.  Such gains are only possible with easy access to analytics and dashboards driven by the operational, financial and patient data integrated from across their organization.
Most healthcare providers’ data is siloed across their organization, with each application or repository having different data formats, making access and integration very complex.
Many healthcare organizations have stretched or understaffed IT departments without the time or resource to address their data analytics and integration challenges.
Continually evolving healthcare regulations and data standards make the job of integrating data between systems difficult.
Changing business models such as value-based care and shared-risk models require providers be able to view and analyze data from across their organization.
The solution

Accur8 uniquely addresses the data analytics challenges facing healthcare providers with both an Analytics Engine and data Integration Engine.  Our Integration Engine enables the smooth flow of data from across the many systems in your healthcare organization.  It handles the complexity of dealing with the many data types, formats and schemas that are part of the IT landscape in the healthcare industry.

Our Analytics Engine works with our Integration Engine to deliver the customized reports, analytics, and dashboards you need to manage your healthcare organization.  This unique combination allows us to get you up and running as fast as possible with essential insights.  As your insight grows we can quickly configure more dashboards and reports – or you can do it yourself with our self-service capabilities


A healthcare provider can have a unified view and run analytics and reports with data integrated from a few or all of their applications with our technology.  Our powerful Analytics Engine provides both dashboard views and deep drilldown capabilities that benefit your business in many important ways:

Increase revenue and profitability by overlaying revenue cycle and EHR data.
Track performance of individual providers by procedure.
Understand payer specific revenue trends.
Gain insight into your revenue cycle drivers.
Understand underlying patient demographic trends.
Quickly understand—and correct--operational or administrative bottlenecks.
Respond easily to standards or payer model changes.
Quickly build the reports and dashboards you need, when you need them.
Gain greater financial and operational accountability.
Reduce errors from manual entry by integrating disparate applications such as your billing, EHR and HIS.
Accur8 Analytics and Integration Engines

Most healthcare organizations wrestle with a business and technology paradox:
They’re data rich but information poor.  We call that DRIP.  There are lots of reasons for DRIP, but they all come down to a basic, but hard-to-fix problem: the more EHR, RCM, HIS and other applications you operate the more fragmented and unwieldy your data becomes to work with and manage.

Unify your data with Accur8’s Analytics and Integration Engines and easily tackle this challenge by enabling data to flow and be shared between applications and across the organization for use anywhere your business needs it.  Our dashboards give you customized snapshots of performance, bottlenecks and areas for improvement, while deep drilldown capabilities easily let you dive into the details to get to the bottom of challenges—and take advantage of previously unseen opportunities.