Why us

Why us

Adding apps to solve specific issues is a business reality.
Trouble is, data has become fragmented and the lack of software integration is causing more and more problems; point-­to­‐point integration is expensive, time consuming and prone to failure.
Business is being hampered because data from across the company is not readily accessible to important systems or their users.
IT Staff waste significant time and money dealing with the never‐ending cycle of trying to integrate and share data across the organization.
Limited integration means no single view of available data across the business, making it impossible to understand, let alone manage.
Opportunities are missed because fragmented data prevents the full value of data to be leveraged.
The solution

Data Unification is the approach and Accur8 Software’s Integration Engine is the answer. It’s a powerful, yet easy to use tool designed to help companies solve the problems created by fragmented data and unintegrated applications. Our Integration Engine provides a flexible, agile way to unify data across processes and applications whether they are in-­cloud, on-­premise or separated by geographical distance. The result is an integrated flow of data across the organization—for access whenever and wherever needed by the business.

Accur8’s Integration Engine enables data unification through:

A company can integrate a few or all of their applications with the Accur8 Integration Engine. Importantly, the Accur8 Integration Engine is designed to integrate quickly and easily with any application as long as it can get access to the underling database.

Here are just some of the benefits of the Accur8 Integration Engine:
Make all your data available, securely, for all users and systems whenever, wherever needed
Enhance your existing reporting systems with access to a wider array of data from across your organization
Offers a wide variety of integration patterns to transform or synchronize data between applications at row or table level including real time
Better manage your data with a single view, easy access and control
Optimize application performance with operational analytics to monitor the usage and flow of data.
Effortlessly push or aggregate data between your applications and data repositories
Greatly improve the productivity of your IT staff by streamlining integration and data extraction tasks
Extend the life of legacy applications
A summary depiction of how the accur8 integration engine works.

Most companies wrestle with a business and technology paradox:
the more applications it purchases to become data-­driven, the more difficult being data-­driven becomes. Why? Because the more apps you have, the more fragmented and unwieldy your data becomes to work with and manage.

Unify your data with Accur8’s Integration Engine. Our tool makes it easy to tackle this challenge. It enables data to flow and be shared between applications and across the organization for use anywhere your business needs it. The Accur8 Integration Engine will transform your company’s IT capabilities and solves the pain of having its data fragmented across many applications and data repositories.