Data Import Tooling

Data Import

Accur8 takes data import into the future with its next generation tooling that covers the full lifecycle of data import – data discovery, validation, modeling, mapping, migration and analytics. It is collaborative, enterprise grade tooling that streamlines the process of transforming raw data stored in multiple databases and tables into useable form. Whether it is importing customer or vendor data onto your platform or transforming raw data stored in legacy systems for use by a data warehouse, Accur8’s tooling will drive dramatic efficiencies while improving your customer’s experience.

Business Benefits

  • Increase the productivity of your data import/dev team by up to 50%
  • Reduce the workload for data import use cases by up to 90%
  • Drive revenue by onboarding customers faster
  • Turn data import into a strategic advantage for your business
  • Greatly improve your customer or vendor onboarding experience with collaborative tooling and greater visibility
Technical Benefits
Streamline data discovery, data validation, data modeling, data mapping, and data migration with integrated tooling that allows data to be transformed seamlessly within one ecosystem.
Discover the inter-relationships between data stored in complex table structures inside multiple databases. For example, instantly find where a particular string (ie policy# or user_ID) is located inside 100s of tables and how it relates to data from other tables and fields.
Streamline SQL queries by up to 80% with innovative auto join clause and virtual field technologies making your queries easier to create, update and share.
Quickly validate datasets, handle the variances between data types in the source and target systems and identify records that are incomplete or null using virtual fields and setting custom rules
Quickly build data models, based on complex inter-relationships between data in underlying tables that capture both business and ETL logic.
Ability to quickly develop templates for 3rd party software that reduces your work effort by 90%+ when importing data from similar systems in the future.
Collaborative, multi-tenant platform enables your team to share data amongst themselves, build and refine SQL queries and functions; and, solve problems in real time.
Ability to collaborate with your customer or vendor in a secure environment sharing data, SQL queries and viewing reports with the ability to control their access as required.
Ability to quickly create custom reports such as a listing of all validation errors to make issues visible and get your team and the customer onboard a path to resolution.
Build library of SQL queries and functions that can be re-used across datasets with the ability to make an update to a query or function in one place and have the change populated throughout.
Full version control and query tracking built provides full audit history of how dataset was transformed.

Codify domain specific knowledge into the tooling so new staff have access to best practices and methodologies.


For most companies the process of importing data is very fragmented and inefficient with members of their team working in isolation using a variety of tools that don’t interoperate easily. Accur8 transforms the data import process with next generation tooling that unifies all of the components in the lifecycle of importing data - data discovery, validation, modeling, mapping, migration and analytics - into a single environment where data can be seamlessly transformed. It allows you to harness the power of collaboration with your data import team while engaging your customers and vendors at a higher level. Our tooling drives better productivity and shorter onboarding cycles while greatly improving your customer’s experience.