Data Migration as a Service (DMaaS)™

Solving the challenge of moving your data to new systems

Small and medium-sized businesses know there are significant cost savings and performance improvements to be gained through data migrations, especially to the Cloud. But in-house IT teams often do not have the tools, the expertise or the bandwidth to make the attempt on their own. And a failed or mismanaged data migration can put the business at significant risk.
Reducing your hardware footprint but need to get all your data consolidated on the remaining systems?
Upgrading your software and need data moved to the Cloud?
Need to store archived data to the Cloud?
Planning to move your IT infrastructure to the Cloud?
Want to offload data from legacy systems to a Cloud database to free up capacity and extend their lifecycle?
Looking to migrate data from one database to another?
  • State of the art data migration gets your project done right, done fast. Our deep data migration, data integration and database experience combined with our strong track record of success gets you to your goal quickly and reliably.
  • Accur8 hosts your Cloud Database. For cloud migrations, Accur8 cares for and maintains your cloud database on AWS or Azure. This means we do regular installs, upgrades, follow security protocols, and perform backups so you don’t have to.
  • Significant cost savings. Our DMaaS service leverages the benefits of the Cloud, open source databases and our software for savings as much as 85% compared to on-premise databases and supporting infrastructure.
  • Support. Accur8 provides ongoing support with experienced technicians to maintain high availability and resolve uptime issues quickly.
Accur8’s DMaaS is a turnkey solution to your data migration challenges.
First, working with your IT team we will:
Review the planned migration in detail, including use cases, data schemas, formats, performance requirements and other key components.
Select the optimal open source or proprietary database.
Complete all of the required preparation work, leveraging its tooling and experience.
Perform the migration using our sophisticated Accur8 Integration Engine™. If required, we will also connect the migrated data to company applications to ensure easy consumption by users and systems.