Custom Solutions


Each organization typically has a challenging data import or data integration process or use case that would yield great value if resolved. However, they don’t have the resources, tooling, or expertise to tacking it on their own as it is not part of their core business.

Examples are the following:
A software company wants to streamline their entire data import process with new tooling and workflow so their data import team is more efficient onboarding customer data leading to shorter overall onboarding cycles but don’t have the expertise because their core technology competency lies elsewhere.
An insurance company has particular corner case that involve importing datasets from a specific vendor that causes continual frustrations due to the complexity and manual work effort involved.
A billing company is building a data warehouse and is struggling with accessing data from legacy applications across multiple business units and streaming it real time into their data warehouse.
Accur8 has built a fully integrated data import and data integration platform that has been in production for over ten years. As outlined in the above diagram, it includes all of the functional components needed for any data import or data integration solution. It enables us to quickly configure the components of our platform to address the specific challenges our customers are looking to solve. Importantly, we can build the right workflow between users and systems to streamline processes and drive efficiencies. Our deep technology platform, combined with our big data experience and expertise enables us to deliver solutions that meet our customer’s exact needs quickly and cost effectively.
There is no need to settle for the status quo when it comes to data import and data integration for your business. Accur8 uses its depth of experience and technology platform to quickly deliver a solution that addresses the exact needs of your business at an affordable cost. Whether it is leveling up your data import capabilities and turning it into a competitive advantage or streamlining mundane data import tasks with automation we deliver high value solutions and have the flexibility to work within the resource and budget constraints of your organization.