Analytics Engine


Accur8 Analytics Engine™

The Accur8 Analytics Engine provides easy-to-use, comprehensive reporting, analytics and dashboard capabilities of the data sources it integrates with. You get full access and complete control over how you view–and share–systemwide data. Drawing data from our Integration Engine, it provides an information-rich, self-serve environment enabling better decision-making and business management.

The Accur8 Integration Engine provides comprehensive reporting capabilities of the applications and data it is integrated with. It provides the following benefits:

  • Business and operational insights and information-sharing across the organization with features such as deep drill down capabilities, natural language filters, alerts and collaboration tools.
  • Self-serve functionality enables users to quickly get the insights they need without involving their IT department.
  • Role-relevant, customizable views so each user gets the information they need to be productive and fully informed.
  • Easy to set custom expressions enable sophisticated analysis.
  • Superior security with the ability to set fine and coarse grain security levels at individual, department or subsidiary level ensure company policy or regulatory compliance.
  • Comprehensive auditing that logs every users activity of each underlying application providing tight security and the ability to analyze activity and optimize performance.