Integration Engine


integration engine

The Accur8 Integration combines both ETL and data virtualization technologies. This enables us to find the best data integration solutions for our customers; optimizing the trade-offs between performance and cost. Our Integration Engine can stream data between applications in real-time including applications located in the Cloud; or, on a scheduled or triggered basis if required.

  • Update data sources and applications without the need to replicate or copy source data, reducing errors, redundant data entry and missing business-critical information.
  • Real time, scheduled, or event-driven synchronization or transformation between applications – can be done at either record or table level.
  • Data virtualization enables data to be abstracted from its source system providing unified views of your data and sandboxing capabilities, without copying or replicating source data.
  • Easy synchronization of legacy applications with current applications – extending their life and generating significant cost savings over replacement.
  • Increase the data input passing through our Integration Engine or the number of users on our platform without experiencing significant price increases like competing vendors.
  • Effortlessly maintain a “single version of truth” for enhanced master data management.
  • Quickly create customized views/tables of data integrated from multiple sources for easy sharing and consumption by users and systems within your organization.
  • Free up scarce IT resources for other higher value projects.
  • A large medical billing company that has grown significantly through acquisition integrates billing data from multiple disparate billing systems using the Accur8 Integration Engine in real time. This provides the foundation to provide comprehensive reporting, analytics and dashboards on a company wide basis and individual healthcare provider basis.
  • A Fortune 150 company sells systems to sovereigns to monitor cargo coming into and out of their country. The systems use the Accur8 Integration Engine to integrate data from dozens of scanning and detecting devices so a detailed view of individual cargo entering a sovereign’s country is possible.
  • A healthcare company has data for 43 million patients running on legacy IBMi hardware. Accur8 sets up a data warehouse on AWS and streams transactional data to the Cloud data warehouse in real time, for reporting and analytics purposes, to free up capacity on its legacy systems.