Why us

Why us

Most small to medium-sized businesses know there are significant cost savings and performance improvements to be gained by integrating their siloed data and make it more consumable by users and systems. Increasingly, they are also motivated to move their data and applications to the Cloud to take advantage of cost and performance advantages. Unfortunately, in-house teams often do not have the tools, expertise or the bandwidth to get there on their own. As a result, these important initiatives remain on the backburner and are seldom realized.
Most companies’ data is siloed across their organization, with each application or data source having different formats and schemas, making access and integration complex.
Moving data or applications to a the cloud platform such as AWS or Azure brings many benefits but is complicated, and a failed or mismanaged initiative puts the business at risk.
Many organizations have stretched or understaffed IT departments without the time or resource to address their data integration and analytics challenges.
Data integration tools take a significant financial and time investment to master and in Cloud environments can become increasingly expensive as the volume of data in your business grows.
The solution

Accur8 addresses the data challenges facing SMBs with its proprietary Accur8 Data Integration Engine™, Analytics Engine™, and expertise in both data integration and Cloud Platforms such as AWS or Azure. Our Integration Engine enables the smooth flow of data from across your organization including the Cloud. It handles the complexity of dealing with many data types, formats and schemas that are critical for successful data integration.

Our Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS)™ offering is designed to help SMBs move their on-premise data warehouse to a cloud platform such as AWS or Azure. By leveraging our Data Integration Engine, open source databases and a cloud platform they can realize significant performance improvements and up to 85% cost savings.

Our Analytics Engine works with our Integration Engine to deliver the customized reports, analytics, and dashboards you need to manage your organization.  Most analytics tools are application specific. Our Analytics Engine can draw data from multiple systems and can be used for specific use cases or to provide a holistic view of the business.   As your insight grows we can quickly configure more dashboards and reports – or you can do it yourself with our self-service capabilities.


With our combination of products, tools and expertise in data integration and cloud platforms we are able to provide coverage in areas that many IT teams do not have the resources for; or, are too bandwidth constrained to tackle.

Integrating data from across their organization on a real time basis to greatly expand and sharpen their insight and improve decision making.
Creating cloud based data warehouses enabling them to take advantage of big data while enjoying the significant performance and cost savings of a Cloud Platform
Migrating data from one system to another, including to the Cloud, as part of software upgrades, hardware consolidations or strategically transferring data to the Cloud.
Integrating data in IoT deployments that require integrating live streams of data from sensors and hardware devices and using our Integration Engine to provide critical views of the underlying data.
Improving customers productivity and data accuracy by having data integrated between systems automatically rather than manually moving data between applications.
Converting on-premise infrastructure and applications to Cloud platforms.

Data is at the core of any SMB’s business. Often SMB’s IT teams are resource constrained and don’t have the ability to take on crucial data integration projects that will positively impact their business. Accur8 helps by bringing its Data Integration and Analytics Engines, and deep expertise with data integration and the Cloud to the equation. Whether it is integrating siloed data sources, setting up a Data Warehouse in the Cloud or migrating data or applications; we have the experience to get the project done successfully at the right price.