Accur8’s team has deep experience and expertise solving a wide range of complex data import and data integration problems for companies across a large cross-section of industries.  This led us to the realization that many company’s tools and processes in the crucial area of data import have not evolved for years and can’t handle the complexity of today’s datasets.  This translates into companies wasting resources and becoming frustrated when undertaking tasks such as importing complex datasets from their customers and vendors or importing raw data from legacy systems into a data warehouse or reporting tool. 

This caused us to develop next generation data import tooling that covers every aspect of the data import lifecycle – data discovery, validation, modeling, mapping, and migration.  It allows companies to quickly transform complex, raw datasets into useable form for their business. It can improve your data team’s productivity by up to 50% while taking your customer’s experience to a completely new level. 

We have also built over ten years of customer engagements a deep technology platform that includes data virtualization, data integration, and analytics engine. These enable us to also provide wide ranging solutions and professional services for data import and data integration. We build solutions and deliver services leveraging our technology platform that make significant impact on our customers’ businesses. We are a high integrity team, with deep domain expertise that prides itself on delivering quality tools, solutions and services to our customers.

“Data import is ripe for innovation! It delivers significant value in an often overlooked area of a business.”

- Glen Marchesani